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pep66u and pep66t ????!!!!

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Dec 18, 2000
what the diference between those two ??
i got that pep66u cos i thought it was better than the fop38, but my cpu temp (duron 800) at default speed goes up to 46°C on full load and at 1ghz the temp goes crazy to 60°C !!!!!!! with the fop38 the temp never got higher than 40°c on full load and overclocked !!! what's the ******* problem ? is the pep66u sucks ? should i replace the fan ? also i did that pep66 mod to let it fit on my abit KT7.

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i used to have an fop-32 which i switched to a pep66....

wot kind of fan are you using on the pep66? remember that the fop38 relys heavily on its delta fan, to a certain extent tt's true the IMHO pep66 is a better heatsink design but i found that when rotating the fan shroud (kt7 mod) .. the pep66's efficiency will drop.. i lost a couple of degrees.. also check to see if the clip is exerting enough force on the heatsink..

if not.. u can try this mod which im using.. i removed the power supply and mounted it on top of the midT casing reversed, so i can route the wires through the hole where the power supply once was. now u have alot of room to play with i bot 2 delta-38 fans.. mounted one (as per kt7 mod) on the rotated shroud.. and mounted the other as per pep66 design spec (u can just screw the fan into the heatsink) it sticks out over the motherboard tt's why i had to remove the power supply. with this mod, u should expect 3-4ºC better performance with your pep66 compared to the fop-38. hope this helps!
I found the same thing when I turned my shrouds for my VP6. By reversing the fan to blow into the heatsink I regained the cooling.
and what about a second fan on the side blowing into the heatsink while the one on top still blowing out...
do u think this would cool better ???