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Perfect 120mm template for a fan hole

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Senior Member
Jan 12, 2001
A CD is 120mm diameter. Wonder how many duhs I get for this observation? :) I never read it anywhere. I was looking for a household item to use and ...BAM... right in front of me. Finally a useful purpose for those AOL CD's that keep popping up everywhere!!
DOH. i did it the hardware of using a compass and still screwed mine up slightly(the grill covers it up tho) i wish i had know that first, i got tons of coaster lying around, i'll do that next time...
makes me wonder how many ppl who see this are gonan be slapping their forheads after tryin to trace the inside of the fan or use a compass or find sumthin like a bowl to outline
Great find, Slake!!

The best part is AOL goes out of their way to mail us these templates for free.....lol

I've got a bunch of their discs in a box...maybe someday they'll make a cd burner that will write over them, and I'll have a ton of free blanks.

Either that, or I'll get some pellets for the air rifle, and have an all day skeet shoot fest in the backyard.

Mr B
I did! Iremmebr looking at them and seeing it wasn't full and hoped I could fill up the rest :D how WRONG can you be!
Yup, I discovered the same thing a month ago when I got in some 120 fans. I looked all over the damn house for something to use, because my compase was missing the fine needle point.

Then BAM! there was a AOL cd, lol, no kidding, just like you I used one to make my holes.
I would have been very surprised if no-one else had noticed that. I cut a Killer "suck-hole" in the front of my woefully under vented case bezel with the aide of a CD.
This suprises me that no one ever thought of this before, I did the CD measure years ago while trying to find a hole large enough for speakers and speaker ports.have a look around your house you would be suprised how many small circles there are, small plates, pan lids etc etc.