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Performance Ranges

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Jul 7, 2004
Hi Everyone,

So I got a p4 2.8c and a msi neo2 mb, not sure what model off hand. I've played around with OC'ing a little so far, got to 3.2 easy but had to do a cmos reset after that. Couldn't figure out how to do memory ratios, so found some info here on that and will give it another try to hit 3.4-3.5.

What I'd love to see though is some of you that have good OC's going is what some of your bench's look like. Cpu and memory benchs, maybe super pi, etc. I'll post mine up as soon as I get a good clock going.


Mar 17, 2004
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Is this only for stock cpu's that are running fast before they were oc'ed?

I have a bench from my 1.8A running at 3.2 but it's on my computer at home, so I'll have to get it off of there.

BTW, what are you running your vcore at?

Also, could you post your system(cpu stock and oc'ed speed, vcore) and temps ( case temp, room temp, and cpu idle and load)... feel free to use my sig as a model if you like. Doesn't matter if your cpu speed is likely to change soon, it's easy to change your sig.

BTW, my mem. bandwidth was 4100 Mb/s but it's running at below 70% efficiency b/c my FSB technically isn't fast enough to be running the ram I have. I have a apprx. max bandwidth of 8000Mb/s or so if I had a 800 FSB that was oc'ed.

My computer sucks at Super Pi so I'm not even going to post that... it was embarrasing. One of the guys here has a 3.2 running @ 4.1 and he was getting 38 sec.

Good Luck oc'ing, and Welcome to the Forums!!!