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Perhaps a Newbie "What should I get" sticky?

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Aug 18, 2002
Just about every day theres a new thread by a WC newbie asking about what "kits" they should buy, or for us to suggest other seperate parts(nothing against them)

In all these threads, after the first 10 or so posts, everyone's usually always suggesting the same range of products.

Since it's so common(one of the top 5? asked questions), most of it can be pretty much answered in a single post, especially if it's stickied.

Perhaps a format like:

Good pumps: (list)
Good blocks: (list)

BAD kits!! Stay away!!: (list)
Troblesome/poor performing blocks: (list)


Aug 31, 2002
i agree on that one, the parts list only tells you where to go, not what to get;) , but i do think you should pick whatever apeals to you.

Cheers, Turando

Frodo Baggins

New Member
Aug 29, 2001
City of Dreaming Spires
yeah, well that sticky is just a general here's where you buy stuff

Ppl want a list of what the current best stuff to buy is

problem is that it changes often :(

My advice, just copy and paste review links :D

but i have seena big increase in ppl going water coolinglately, i can't count how many threads are asking what the best waterblock/rad/pump, etc. is