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PETG Bending issues

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New Member
Feb 19, 2016
I just tried doing 2 bends. I was heating it up and it ballooned and was ruined. Does anyone have an idea of why this is happening? after it balloons the inner side of the bend ripples and is entirely destroyed. The pipe didn't even get very hot to inflate. It was cool enough to work with the heated point of the pipe for a few seconds. Any help it appreciated! :D

Another smaller question. Can compression fittings used on hard tube be used on soft tubing?
Can you link to the exact tubing you're using?

No, you need to buy fittings to match your tubing.
What did you use to heat it and how close did you hold the heat?

Did you buy the tubing bending kit?
I used a heat gun to bend it a cheap wagner one. My first pipe did last week came out perfect. But I changed its distance according to my temperature needs. 4-8 inches away
The issue you were describing sounds like the heat was being held too close to the tubing.
Again, did you buy the bending kit?
The bending kit will make working with hardline tubing much easier and require less heat to bend as well.
I suggest getting one.
I tried EK PETG tube for my first build, they are actually very easy to bend.

My build link: http://www.overclockers.com/forums/...-(Corsair-Air-240)-and-the-3dMark-test-result

The reason why it ballooned I think is you used water or soap water on the silicon inner tube, when you heat up, the water just steamed and this will cause the PETG to balloon. Therefore, I never use the water or olive oil to smooth the silicon tube. If you purchased the EK bending tool with the silicon tube, you will find it's very easy to fit in to the EK PETG tube without any media apply.
plenty of vids online on how to do it, this ones pretty good "part one"

i bought the full bending kit and hose/fittings etc. gave it a go and found it wasn't as easy as it looks on the vids LOL
i managed very good bends, but just the measuring part was doing my head in as you need to be pretty spot on.
then thought, well i do move things around a fair bit so went back to soft tube lol.
might have another go later on when ive stopped moving stuff around and have a bit more patients :)