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Phantom scroll command

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Dec 25, 2004
Just had the weirdest thing happen in the last hour. Suddenly I was getting weird behavior when playing solitaire. Computer was fine half an hour before this happened, no issues. Got up and talked to my wife for about half an hour and came back to the computer and weird highlighting and couldn't click and hold a selection. Usually when this happens, it is a stuck key/switch on the keyboard/mouse. So I spend some time cleaning. Still not fixed. Unplugged my mouse and my keyboard separately and together. Still happening. Download Sharpkeys and while trying to do that, I can see that it is a scroll, or up arrow type command. When I turn that off in Sharpkeys it still keeps happening.

Plug in different mouse. Still happening.

After a couple of reboots with different equipment plugged in, I finally resolve it.

The RF receiver for the mouse is borked. Boot up without it in, and the computer is fine. Other mouse works fine. Plug in the RF USB dongle, and as soon as it is recognized by the computer the scroll activity starts. Unplugging the dongle doesn't fix the problem. You have to actually reboot with it unplugged to keep it from happening.

Oh well, I guess it is time to buy a new mouse.

I posted this for a troubleshooting experience that might help someone else down the road.

Screwed up mouse is a Logitech G903. I like it, so I'm ordering another one.
Its too bad that mouse doesnt support the unifying receiver cus those are very inexpensive to replace.
Gotta love odd ball troubleshooting.
I had a case last week that was causing keyboard issues in windows and it turned out to be the WiFi driver that was causing it.
Good job tracing the issue!
Well, it has come back, now on the other mouse. They are both Logitech, so I'm not sure if that is related. I un-installed the Logitech G-Hub software, but haven't had a chance to troubleshoot it. Maybe it is the USB hub I'm using.