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Phase Change Cooling...HELP!

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Dec 25, 2000
Well I started a project using phase change cooling. I thought I would be getting very cold water if I submerged an evaporator into a reservoir of water. Well my idea has been blown to bits (as usual) :(. The water started out @ around room temperature. Then it dropped to 15 *C, next I turned on my 120Watt Peltier from TE Dist. Which the peltier is being cooled by overclock-watercool's silver waterblock. The water temp after about an hour running my CII 600 @ 1008-1.95v (cB0) came out to 42*C with a fridge evaporator!! ARG. I haven't taken the Bar Fridge apart I just have a 10"L X 8"W X 3" H rubbermaid container holding the water reservoir which contain water, water wetter, and some antifreeze. The evaporator is snuggly inside the container and is in contact with the water and is at max setting. What gives? Should I try and make my own evaporator so I can get a smaller reservoir so the evaporator won't have to cool so much water? Any other ideas like bigger compressor? ME's, fridge guys, or anyone who has tried this do you have any ideas? Thanks alot for your help in advance guys.

SurlyJoe did something along these lines about a year ago. He might have the article posted at his new home (Spode's Abode). Chances are that you need to calibrate the evaporater for the temp you hope to achieve. You will likely have to adjust the amount of coolant in the system to get equilibrium. Once I get my watercooling setup running smoothly, I was going to do the same thing that you are doing right now. For some insight on phase-change cooling, type HVAC in any good search engine and you will find lots of links detailing the basics. Also, check to see that your temp probe's sensitivity is reduced (if adjustable). Although using phase-change cooling is a good way to remove lots of heat to another place, it takes a system some time to remove that heat. Just like water is about 50 times more efficient than air, removing heat from water needs more thermal capacity than removing heat from air.

I hope this helps.
HY guys.... Sorry if I´m saying any thing wrong, but wouldnt be easyer mounting additional Peltiers cooling the reseivour water along with the cpu Peltier? Or would them be of small impact...
(Forgot the name of this setup.. Do you remember?)
Well I was wondering should I have someone evacuate my system then replace the evaporator with a smaller more compact evaporator than it is now? Sorta like Steve Foster did. The evap is having to cool a large amount of water would it be more efficient to get as small a reservoir as possible and insulate it very well? I need to see if any fridge repair guys would know anything about this. Any comments on how to braze copper hehe :). Here's the design I'm trying to copy http://www.wizard.com/~scfoster/freoncool.html hope that will give you some idea. Thanks for the reply guys.