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Phenom 965 c3 load temps on water?

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help me

Oct 1, 2009
So for those who are watercooled with a phenom II 965 c3 what sort of load temps do you get running prime 95 blend.

Could you let me know your ambient, clock speed and voltage please.

Just wondering if my temps are right.

At 4ghz with 1.504 volts at load running prime 95 in a 20c ambient room my temps go to 47c.

I'm using a heatkiller 3.0, thermochill pa120.2, mcp355 and mx3 paste applied with the dot method.

I was expecting much lower temps on water



I would expect temps much lower too, how ever your running 4ghz at 1.5 volts.. im running a p2 x4 945 at 4ghz at only 1.42 volts.. granted there not the same cpu.. have you lapped your HS / cpu?

What thermal transfer paste are you using? - nvm.. didnt read lol
Are you using water in you're cooling system or a specialized coolent?
Im not sure I understand your dot method for applying thermal paste.. could you explain this?

Even so, im peaking at around 43c on AIR non the less.. again granted, different cpu/setup but i would expect much lower temps, under 40c at the very least..