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php HELP!!

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Mar 12, 2001
Southern CA
After setting up phpBB, the server never got past creating phpBB tables, so the next day I tried again.. Evidently the tables are already there so I need to delete the DB and start again. Admins tell me to run php script or use phpMyAdmin (which I was going to install anyways) to delete the tables.

Testing DB Connection...DB Connection Good!
Selected database harrison...Database Selected!
Creating phpBB tables an inserting default data...
Creating table cat ERROR! Could not create table. Reason: Table 'catagories' already exists

SOOO I load up phpMyAdmin, and follow the directions, and now I get this:
Warning: Unable to access ./libraries/auth/.auth.lib.php in /home3/harrison/public_html/phpMyAdmin/libraries/common.lib.php on line 337

Warning: Failed opening './libraries/auth/.auth.lib.php' for inclusion (include_path='') in /home3/harrison/public_html/phpMyAdmin/libraries/common.lib.php on line 337

Fatal error: Call to undefined function: pma_auth_check() in /home3/harrison/public_html/phpMyAdmin/libraries/common.lib.php on line 338

This sucks when I don't know what's going on...At least with programming I can ask a fellow student.
Here nobody knows php!
This was the settings that supposedly works on spaceports.

['host'] = 'localhost';
['port'] = '';
['socket'] = '';
['connect_type'] = 'socket';
['stduser'] = '';
['stdpass'] = '';
['adv_auth'] = FALSE;
['user'] = 'username';
['password'] = 'yourpass';
['only_db'] = 'username';
['verbose'] = '';
['bookmarkdb'] = '';
['bookmarktable'] = '';

You know how hard it is to find line 338 in word? (public computer)

_I_ think_ this is the subroutine it's bitching about..(in common lib)

// Gets the authentication library that fits the cfgServer settings
// and run authentication
include('./libraries/auth/' . $cfgServer['auth_type'] . '.auth.lib.php');
if (!PMA_auth_check()) {
} else {
It looks like it can't find or cant access ./libraries/auth/.auth.lib.php
Maybe try setting the permissions to something more open?
I figured it out...

Auth_type wasn't filled out...
Funny how the guide never mentioned it...
Oh well, thanks guys..I'll post the URL once I get it looking pretty!