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phpmyadmin help

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Aug 13, 2001
Montreal & Toronto
for some reason i just cant seem to get phpmyadmin to work..............its the easyest thing to setup but GOD! i think i might have skiped something i configured the "config.inc.php" but there might be some sethings im not sure of.

i keep gething this error http://mi6.no-ip.com:8080/phpMyAdmin/index.php

i checked my php.ini and i added the php_mysql.so module but im not sure if it needs to be compiled or can be run as a external plugin....

any help would be realy cool

the server is on a RH 7.3smp runing Apache 1.3 Php3/4 Mysql..? Perl.. they all work fine ( havent tested mysql anouf but seems to work ) no errors but the extension.
I gave up on MySQLAdmin, never did figure it out. Insted I use MySQL-front, you can find it at here. Unfortunatly it looks like development has been stopped, but it is a good utility.
ya but thats a WINDOWS app. I need help configuring PHPMYADMIN for Linux Redhat 7.3 my win32server is all setup thats np but when it comes to linux i need a bit of help.
The error you get leads me to suspect there's a permissioning problem on your web server. Check the permissions on index.php and the directory that contains it.
its all set to 755 the problem is that php is not configured with the mysql extensions. when i add the lines


i get a error that there is no /var/lib/php library for it?

im goign for that i need to compile php with

but im not sure how to add that configuration when php is allready compiled since its compiled using the RH rpm's. i think that php cant connect to my sql db. sql seems to be working but i might have a problem with that.. i installed the RPM for mysql but there is no mysqladmin so i cant set -u root password 'mypass' but in the install it says it in /etc/bin/mysql but its actualy in /urs/bin/ when i search for mysqladmin theres no results. anyhow thats a other problem. ; )
OKEY! i got it to work.

i have to download all the sources for apache/mysql/php

heres a small tutorial that can help anyone with the problem.

on how to compile all the source it dosent show how to config mysql but its the same steps just extract it and type
./configure --prefix=/usr/local/mysql
make install

make sure mysql is the 1st one you install.

this is the official RH How to -

i Used this one with a bit of the RH how to in it.


hope this helps