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Pics of my case (max air-flow)

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Senior Member
Nov 26, 2005
Concord, NC
I have a Thermaltake Armor case w/ the 25cm side-door fan. I put 2 of these fans up front for intake:

Delta WFB1212HH 7-Blades
2800 RPM - 95.35 CFM
42.5 dBA - .68A (8.16W)

I upgraded the stock 600rpm 25cm side-door fan to an 800rpm model I found online and mounted it externally to make room for my Thermalright Ultra 120 Extreme CPU cooler.

I cut out all the fan grills on the top and back of my case, and put 2 of these 92mm fans on the top and rear for exhaust mounted externally and internally, respectively:

Panaflo H1A 92mm Fan (BX) w/ RPM Sensor
2850 RPM - 56.8 CFM
35dBA - .225A (2.7W)

I also stuck 1 of these on the back for exhaust also mounted externally:

Panaflo FBA12G12U:
2705 RPM - 114.7 CFM
45.5 dBA - .51A (6.12W)

On the CPU cooler I used 1 of these:

3600 RPM - 130 CFM
50 dBA - 1.3A (15.6W)

I also have an Arctic Cooling Accelero Extreme GTX280 on my GTX280 graphics card which has (3) 92mm fans, and a PCI-slot dual-fan cooler mounted above the card to keep the back-side of the graphics card cool. I have a small spot-fan pointed at the RAM, and I'm using one of the squirrel-cage fans that came with my motherboard on the MOSFETs around the CPU socket.








The case is very quiet with all the fans turned down, and still moves a massive amount of air. It's loud when you crank it, but nothing like my old 92mm Vantec Tornado.

I'll post up some temps when I get some more time.


Oct 12, 2009
5280, USA
Epic. You'll have to let me know how those temps are on your video card with the aftermarket cooler. I'm curious to how much of a difference they make :-D


Senior Member
Nov 26, 2005
Concord, NC
Ambient temp: 67*F according to Thermostat; 69*F according to meat thermometer.

I'm running P95 small-fft to get the CPU hot, and FurMark to get the GPU hot; both at the same time.

You can see my idle temps for CPU and GPU by looking at the minimum temps reported. I had my PC on for over an hour before starting these tests.

The first screenshot here shows temps with all fans on max, and the front filters removed from the case. This is my typical benchmarking setup.


Temps w/ Max Cooling:
Min-CPU 26*C
Max-CPU 48*C

Min-GPU 29*C
Max-GPU 50*C

For the second screenshot here I just turned down the fans to medium (~5-6v), and replaced the front filters on the front of the case. This is my typical 24/7 setup; quiet and still plenty cool.


Temps w/ Med Cooling:
Min-CPU 29*C
Max-CPU 57*C

Min-GPU 31*C
Max-GPU 55*C

The AC Accelero Extreme GTX280 is a fantastic cooler. It is very heavy, though, and I did have some issues b/c of the weight. Here's a thread I did on the issue: http://www.overclockers.com/forums/showthread.php?t=613522

The VRM cooling on the AC cooler isn't that great. I modified it slightly by adding some low-profile sinks I had lying around to increase the amount of metal & surface area. It helps as far as I can tell, but VRM temps still climb well north of 100*C under heavy load. The rest of the card is nice and cool, though. In 1 regard this is nice b/c the heat from the VRMs is more isolated from the core, and in the other regard it means the VRMs run warmer than normal. It's a good trade-off IMO.