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Pics to come, first comp

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Dec 20, 2001
Well, my computer seems to be done moding ise for the moment, at least until i go to radio shack get some LED's and toggles, and hook those up to my fans. as it is.

My computer has a
120 mm intake in the front with a fan duct and aluminium filter
92 mm intake on the left side, over the CPU with aluminium filter and chrome grill.
80 mm chimney as exhaust, with chrome grill
80 mm exhaust in rear with the orignial grill punched out and replaced witha chrome one.

a set of Aluminium handles with which to move the computer.

a 12" green cold cathode installed in the side panel with the switch also in the side panel.

in addition, the case, optical mouse, keyboard but not the keys, and monitor have been painted a matching black. The CD rom faceplate too.

and just about all of my internal cabling has been tidied up with 1/2 inch black tubing.

and just to make it all look that more advanced, I've got an external intel 14.4 modem sitting on top of the handles, so when you turn it on the red leds kick in and it makes the computer look angry.

all in all I think I didn't do to badly for my first go. I'll get the pictures up as soon as they are scanned.

now I've gotta put in a window and replace the 92 with a 120

but this actual hardware upgrades
Phugbox said:
and just to make it all look that more advanced, I've got an external intel 14.4 modem sitting on top of the handles, so when you turn it on the red leds kick in and it makes the computer look angry.

haha, that is a great way to impress the comp illiterate friends:eek:
I`m at school, being a student aide for my Cisco teacher and I`m currently using his scanner to get the pictures on disk from 35mm, I`ll have them up within the hour

*edit* well, um the 56kers won`t like me, because the pics are all like 2.5 Mb each, I just won`t have it display them, I`ll just have it link them, and you can decide to download it if you want

*edit* well um yeah, stupid me, I`m now in the process of converting the HUGE bmp`s to jpg`s
be there in a bit
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ok, posting these pics is gettin hard and annoying, `m not a photshop person nor am I a software person, I`m hardware for the love of pete
ok hopefully these links will work, otherwise you can just open them in a new window, I`m done with this


I seem to be utterly unable to get it to work, wish I knew how, or which slash is mentioned below those exact urls work when copied or typed directly into the url box of the browser, but as they are :(
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very nice... i really liked the keyboard, had a great look to it with the white keys :)... any more mods left to do or planing on doing??
Thanks, I really appreciate it

yeah I got some plans, leds under the keys, but gotta get up the nerve to kill the keyboard, I've done it before, other than that, gonna want to paint the keys black with neon green lettering, gonna replace the 92 with a 120, put two 40's where the floppy bays are, it'll fit perfect, and eventually a window in the left side. I'm also considering stealthing the CD-rom, oh and replacing the red led in the optical with a green, and replacing effectively all my leds with green
sounds like a cool idea, i like ur idea for the keyboard how ur gonna paint the keys black with neon green lettering... that sounds like a hard thing to do, but it would be sweet if u pulled it off :).. i gotta start working on my mods for my pc which im building right now, which will also be my first pc :D i have some ideas for it but im only in the testing stage right now, id hate to mess up my 140 dollar case right away... well hope everything works out with u, post some pics whenever u make some more mods..
no it's this thing tripod has, they won't let you link to your stuff from outside your site. From all the evidence I've seen you just have to type in the url yourself in a nother window.

hehe, my website's getting advertised unintentionally, makes me wish I'd updated it recently.