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PIII 700E with Peltier: Need Fix

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Jun 23, 2001
Hey guys ... I was just next door, and they suggested I ask you:

I bought this CPU from a friend. This was a great upgrade for me, and still is, but I was hoping to overclock this chip.

I can, up to about 800Mhz - but the chip temp. runs about 53 degrees C @ 700Mhz. I know that is WAY too much, but it's a stock everything.

I have looked at the Peltier, and feel like it was not done properly. It comes apart really easy, and I noticed that the PIII 700 has a very small 'rise' in the center. That's the only place to make heat transfer. I need more paste on that, for one thing.

Also, there is a huge gap surrounding the whole chip -- air. I think this Peltier is smothering the chip, causing for such high temps. Case temp is about 32 degrees C.

What can I do? Everything is stable, and I can't believe this this runs at 50+ degrees C!! It has been for over a year now.

I want to re-do this Peltier setup properly. What should I buy (paste, etc.) to do this cooler right?

Thanks -

That "small rise" you mention is the processor ! The rest is just the pcb which does not need cooling.
My advice is junk the peltier and use good heatsink. Peltiers can work real well with a PIII but you need to know what your doing.
With a good cooler (no peltier) you should be able to hit 933 without much trouble. My PIII700 did 980MHz with just air cooling and a peltier got me to 1050MHz.
As Badger said, alot can be done with just air cooling. Plus it's easier and safer to use. Pick up a GOOD hsf and you should see grest results.

Good luck
Well, I can't complain too much: I gave $40 & a PIII450 for it :) I've no doubt the peltier they set up is not configured right. I don't know if they should have sealed around the chip, or if they installed the fan upside-down ... which direction is the peltier fan supposed to blow? towards the chip or away?

I'm gonna pull it and just have sink & fan ... that's if I can get it on there good. I don't have the original PIII case either. If I can find instructions on the peltier installation, I will re-do the whole thing.

Does *stable* at 54C sound odd?

Thanks -