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PIII 750 System Reporting 77C

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My system is reporting between 75-75C.. Yes C not F!

Here are my specs
PIII 750 OEM slot 1 (not overclocked)
CPU Voltage 1.65
Abit BX6R2
256 M Crucial Mem Stick
GeForce2 GTS
Radio Shack High Performance Heat Sink w/Thermal Paste
The Fan RPM are about 5500

I'm thinking maybe something is wrong with my cpu temp sensor.

I tried using Sandra, Bios, and HMonitor to check the temp
and all three report the same high 70s temp.

Any ideas?
Don't run your box until you secure a new HS/F unit for it. RS doesn't make anything that's "high performance." ESPECIALLY fans. 77C is dancing with death for a PIII. I'm not kidding. Until you have installed a real HS/F, unplug your box.

I'm not familiar with heatsink/fan units for Slot 1 form factor. Sorry. I suggest having a look at these etailers of cooling gear. http://www.millisec.com . http://www.2cooltek.com . And http://www.3dfxcool.com . Local PC gear retailers do NOT sell decent cooling components.
yes, get something else pronto, order it online from someone else's PC. You run a major risk of frying your P3. Your shack heatsink isn't any better than an OEM heatsink. You need to get something much better, anything to get its temp down. For the meantime, don't turn on that computer.