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PIII Xeon 550Mhz, can it be colled any differently? (Newbie nedz help)

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Apr 3, 2001
Can anyone send me to a site that deals with the specific cooling need to a Xeon processor, case fan HD fans etc? I have a full tower case, (Brand new Gateway E-2550) and want 2 over clock this bad boy, all I have right now is a ducted 120mm fan :( lol. Must have more...

Can anyone point me also to a place that does alot of HD coolers? I'm running 3 HD's in this baby, and its jus a lil hot (All at 7200, and mebbe gonna go for another at 10,000 RPM, so I need the fans :) ) Umm yeah, thnx, I'm a newbie so it'd be greatly appreciated.
For your CPU, I think your pretty much going to have to go with a custom heatsink. Or maybe drill a different bolt pattern in a SECC2 heatsink. I'd build a sinple waterblock if I were you though.
in general though, xeons suck at overclocking. they have too much cache to overclock well.
K, so, can I overclock my xeon? should I OC it? What can I get for cooling. (Do they make xeon pelitiers?)

(Thnx 4 those linkz by the way :))