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pin mod for socket 370

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pwnt by pat

Jun 16, 2003
Cranberry Twp. PA
I need to get some more voltage to my 370 celeron. I can get the 533 to 612 and the 400 to 459.6 (thats a 76.6fsb). I want to break 100 fsb but after changing the fsb to 100 via cpufsb, the computer locks up. The board is a no-name intel board that came in an old hp pavilion. It might be the ram, two sticks of pc100 64mb but I don't have any more sdram to test with. Would 133 help?

The following frequencies are:
FSB 76.6 MHz PCI 38.4 MHz RAM 114.9

When I go to 100fsb, pci reverts back to 33.3mhz and ram to 100.

Is there a pin mod for socket 370 that can get me some extra volts?