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Planned W/C Setup: Comments?

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Sep 3, 2002
Hey guys.

I am just gonna write down my planned O/C setup. I will scan in some pictures and post some digital pics when I get a chance, which should be soon. But for now, just consider the following:


Danger Den Radeon 9700 W/C Block
CPU Block: Maze3 or TC-4 (most likely TC-4)
Heater Core from a 89'ish Camaro (from Natedogg)
Blue water dye
Some kind of water thinner (Velocity T3?)
Water Pump - Via-Aqua 370GPH Pump
Bay-Res Resivoir
9 ft 1/2' tubing

Custom Made, Custom Soddered (Aluminum or Copper Sheet Metal) shroud with 120mm 100CFM+ fan
Shroud for the other side, without a fan.

This is the intended setup:

Pump->Heater Core->CPU Block->GPU Block->Resivoir->Pump

My case is a mid-tower I am working with limited space. I have "blueprints" for the heater core + fan + shrouds drawn. I'll take pictures of the case and whatnot for future reference.
i'd go pump->heatsources->rad.->res.->back to pump...

i have a via-aqua/maze3/heatercore/res and use this style.. works great for me...
I rmember seeing data plots comparing the postion of the radiator in the watercooling circuit. From what I recall there was a dcrease of approximately 1-3 deg C if the heater if placed directly before the the CPU.

I think the author of this article also stated that it did not seem to be a big enough difference for him to rearrange his pratical setup with the radiator after the CPU.
difference is marginal (i quick glanced it)

i think that depends on your rad..

it appears some of the heat was lost in the res while "waiting" to be cooled... but if your rad can shrug off the heat then it shouldn't be an issue..

I found wiring my case up in the method I suggested alot easier..

in fact I have NO active cooling on my Rad and can still keep cpu temps in the 30's *C

here's mine:

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Personally I would choose a pump other than the via-aqua.

They are cheap good pumps. I should know, I have one.:D But they are not going to help your temps much. They also vibrate a lot as you can tell from what ottoman did to his. There are better alternatives out there within the same price range.

my $.02
I am now thinking about getting an Eihiem pump because I will be running my computer 24/7, sometimes unattended. (I will have comp shutoff at a low temp, like 50 degrees, to prevent damage).

But I hear some people have problems with the Maxi's and the AquaJets.
Here are some pics of the case into which this system will be thrown:

This is where the core will go. It's not actually that thick, but that's the area it will consume (with shroud and all).


This is the core fitting in there.. sort of. There are some clearance issues with cables and such.


The water pump will go down and front, right beside the resivoir.


Pictures of the case when it's put together properly