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Please Help a newbie...

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May 21, 2001
hey guys I'm a Newbie at this overclocking stuff...

been snooping around , gotta couple questions,
first of all my system is:
bought a little over a year ago
MS6195 MOBO,
athlon 650
128 mb ram pc100
32mb Geforce DDR, (creative annihaltor pro)
IBM 20 gb @7200,
SBlive mp3+
Acer Cdrw +50x cdrom,
It's packed in a full tower..
wanna ask how u think my OC potential is,

but i was lookin at my BIOS,
the F***in cpu temp is hovering around 59-60 C
and it's not oc'ed, my cpu freq is 100mhz, and voltage is 1.60 v
and from my breif look around, 60 I think is too high..

my room is pretty warm now in the summer,

I had the side of the case of hoping for more air,
but someone told me to close it, cuz it better for circulation and convection,

any tips gentlemen? thanx..
Hi Guy, You really should watch your language as we have kids checking in here. Your system looks pretty potent to me. You don't say what type of cooling you have, let us know. I would say cooling is probably the most limiting factor in any system.
My first thought is to advise you to get the temps down. You should have some room in that tower to mount a fan or two. You will have to play around a bit to find what works best for you. (ie. blowing in-out )
Second you might look at the heatsink / cpu and check out the status of the thermal paste. Try reapplying it per article's listed here. Maybe try some arctic silver.
If you are running a oem / stock heatsink-fan combo you might want to look into a better set-up.

Good luck getting that thing cooler and keep posting if you need help. Please post questions under the proper topic and please do keep the language a little milder. We have many younger members and women who post here. I'm sure they are familiar with colorful terms like the one you used in your post, but this forum is not the place for them. I hope you understand.

Welcome to the forum...May your speeds run high and your temps run low.
I apoligize for the language didn't realize it was an issue,

I gutted my PC just now,
and after finding alot of dust, I wasn't impressed when I didn't find ANY cooling fans, there's slots for 2 output at the back, and 1 input in the bottom front, all 3 of which are empty,
I just have a CPU cooling unit,
which is a startech, slot type, 12v runs @ 4400 rpm, it's a single fan with a heatsink, I dunno if thermal grease is visible or not, but I don't see any,
here's the link:
I now keep the side off the thing, cuz there's no point in suffocating it..
I have the side of my case off, I bought a better PS, a 300 watt enermax. With all the extra power connectors I hooked up two 3" fans, one blowing on my MX card, memory and slocket and another one near the top pulling air away from the cpu. A small 486 cpu fan is connected to the MX heatsink. One problem though, my main fan has started 'groaning' real bad. Don't know if its due to the lack of pressure that would be there if the case covers were tightly sealed.
Welcome to the forum! As Don said you must watch your language here, but I'm glad you understand that.

Seems you have a couple nice responses, and I'm sure you can find plenty of answers in these forums.

Enjoy your stay. =)
You definantly need to get a few fans in that thing and get the air flowing. Heat is the biggest problem there is to OCing. I also looked at the link for the HSF you have. I can't believe that they list thermal tape as an important 'feature'. UGH!! You're going to need to carefully remove your HSF and clean off the tape (and residue) and then re-mount it using some thermal paste (the stuff from Radio Shack is decent). Apply a very thin coat to the top of the CPU die and re-attach the HSF assembly.

Welcome to the forums.
how is the heat sink itself? is it alright or should I upgrade it as well..

my idle temperature when I wake up and turn the PC on is 35 C
I'm assuming that's the room temperature since I don't have a therm.

do u guys buy most of your stuff online??
from what you said about your fan it looks like it is going to give up, buy a decant ys-tech fan or 2 (looks like you can mount 2) don't dother with the delta, it is a lot of noise for not much improvement.

the second thing is, watch your language you bastard
Ottoman (May 21, 2001 01:15 p.m.):
how is the heat sink itself? is it alright or should I upgrade it as well..

my idle temperature when I wake up and turn the PC on is 35 C
I'm assuming that's the room temperature since I don't have a therm.

do u guys buy most of your stuff online??

I agree with the others. 2 things to get temps down: 1) get case temp closer to ambient with at least 2 case fans (1 intake, 1 exhaust)... 2) reapply cooler with better thermal grease.

As for the cooler, I don't know about that type but if your gonna OC a lot, maybe a better one would be in order. Good cooling sites are millisec and plycon.

Good luck