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PLEASE HELP....amd xp 100c!!

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Nov 14, 2002
Well my cpu got up to 100c. :-( I forgot to plug in the pump for my water cooling. I pluged it in as soon as i heard the alarm. Almost instantly it went down to 50c. I booted up and it seems to be working fine. My question is did I damage anything? How much did I shorten the life of the cpu? How long could I expect to keep this cpu? What should i look out for? Anything I can do for it? Thank you

ps it is an amd xp 1800+ on an asus a7v133
you may have shortened the life of cpu very little but since it wasnt overclocked.. and it still lived.. your lucky.. it will live as long as you need it pretty much.
another question

One guy told me that there is almost no chance I dident damage something. He said that my computer will end up crashing randomly. It seems ok now and it had been sevral hours. He said i might have not used to the functions that would cause this yet. How dose this sound? Do i have to worry about anything like this? If all I had was a short loss in it's life that would be awsome. I hope it dosent die or have these problems. Since i am low in the bank right now and all. Please thoughts?
Namagomi said:
uh. it LIVED? you sure it was 100c? They are suspoed to burn up around 85c.

the kill temp is 90 not 85 and the mobo is not very accurate at telling cpu temp for some reason...so i don't know...plus it wasent this hot for very long
the temp sensor is wrong. you cant just go 10* over the spec. its not a matter of having a robust chip that is better than another. it is about fusing the relays in the cpu at that temp. 100*c is not possible if its still working
No worries, mate.... I had an old celeron at over 140C overnight!!!!!!! (IDE cable blocking the fan.) It worked fine for years after. Just give it a couple days, and if it doesn't start acting up, it'll be fine.
Really it is luck of the draw. Right before I wrecked my 1500+ it hit over a hundred for a short few seconds because the dragon orb wasn't making good contact... (Idiot I made a shim out of some spare foam rubber I had laying around. I expected it to squish more ya know???)

Anywho, It worked fine for a few days until I just really F***** it up by doing a horrid job on the bridge work. Shorted it and lost two 256meg DDR 2100 sticks. Yall know that memory companies with life times warranties really honor them? And Crucial ships the new ones out free 2 day air... Way cool of them!

Next time my cpu comes out I’ll have to get a pic of my socket. It's got a brownish discoloration to it from heat <g>

I've fried a 1500+ a 1800+ and two 2000+'s on my third now <g> but I swore off doing stupid things weeks ago LoL! The worst was the 1800+ because it was at 2000 even... I had come home for Christmas and mom plugged in my computer and turned it on... Well of cource the pump wasn't on before hand so it didn't even post. SHE LEFT IT ON! I walked in a few hours later making my last trip bringing stuff in.

Needless to say I was quite mad. I have a theory that states shortly after a CPU is destroyed by EXTREME amounts of PROLONGED heat. The innards somehow fry in some particular manner that the CPU just kind of stops producing heat. Because by the time I got in my case the water block really was only warm to the touch. I'm just lucky I didn't loose my KG7, 'cause at the time It cost as much as the cpu I think.

So to answer, yes you can survive higher than 100C, but you better damn well be lucky, or quick, or both.

My second XP2000 I put my compunrse between the waterblock and the cpu without making my indention for it big enough... I don't remember what temps it saw, but I've posted it before in the past week. All I remember is 140ish. It didn't live though. Hey! Another key chain!

That waterblock did what the IHS does on a P4.... it crashes everything, sending the CPU to idle before it is seriously damaged. No, it does not throttle it down, but a complete crash leaves the computer with little of anything to send to the CPU. 100C for a few seconds is not likely to cause serious damage. 500C, easily reached when a heatsink has poor contact is VERY likely to kill it. Basically, if you have copper in good contact with the core, it is quite unlikely that you will kill any CPU.
Dont forget.. I'm sure they under spec the chips to leave room for "mistakes"... If they didn't, then we wouldn't be able to OC our chips at all.. The rated Mhz would already be at the max. I'm sure that 90c is VERY close to the max it can take, but I bet it goes slightly higher in real life trials..(100c - 110c).

I'm not willing to test this theory tho :)

my .02 cents
my TB 1.4 runs at 66C always i have Asus A7V133 and when i contacted my computer shop he told me that the reading from the sensor is wrong

how can i tell if it's wrong or not?

And i can run XP+ on my A7V133 ??? i didn't knew that i thought the only way to go for XP+ was to upgrade my motherboard
Yeah TB's run quite hot, that's why they have the higher head room.

A celly at 140C?? dunno, that's gotta be hot, maybe bad sensor?

At 100C for short time, it may be alright, run Prime95 for 24hrs+ and if no errors show, it should still last for a while. I remember at techie at the computer store putting a TB1200 together for me...I laughed when he said "oh don't worry, putting the heatsink on top should be ok" he didn't clamp it...and I was like telling him, won't it burn? sure enough, the bios reported 93 or was is 98C? and the smell and blank screen gave the sign of a dead CPU...LOL, glad It wasn't my fault. He'd RMA that one.

The next cpu, he clamped the h/s on. So, considering, you're pretty lucky it still booting and running.
I've got my XP1600 running in my A7V133 1.04 without any problems. Asus doesn't officially support the XP's in any revisions less than 1.05. (needs the . ).

However mine works just fine @ 12.5x140 :) using the 1009 bios. Also, if you have one with raid, the beta 1010.01a bios cust the boot time down to ~2 seconds for the raid controller.