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Please Help, Can't setup SYS :(!

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New Member
Mar 2, 2001
Yesterday I bought a combo,
MLB socket A asus a7pro atx,
amd socket A Thunderbird 1ghz.

I get home, gut my current system and put in the board. I made sure I have all the required things and made sure my power supply was the right kind, it was.

So I start hooking everything up. Everything looked fine. So I turn on my system.
It loaded up fine, asked what Windows OS I wanted to start. So I pick win2k.
It says it can't find it. So I had to reboot. Pressed restart. When it started up again it didn't show the list this time, it just went to black.

I played around with the cords hooking it every which place, still didn't work period. I played in the bio's. Nothing helped it. Sometimes I couldn't even get the monitor to turn on.

I set it up to read the a:\ first. It reads the boot disc and I check if I can access my hd's. I can, I can see all the files on all of them.

But if I do edit, or scandisk. It freezes or shows weird characters.
If I try to install windows it freezes during scan disk. In win2k it just shows the main windows 2k screen during the install process.

I never used an ASUS card before and i'm hoping it's something simple.
Please please if you can help me please do. I don't want to overclock, I know this is a place for overclocking, but someone told me to post here.

If you need any other info to help me out please ask.
Thanks guys.
Start from scratch. As long as you can boot to the post and your BIOS, you have options. Unplug Everything but your floppy. CD, video card, and boot drive, and try to set up Windows. If you can stand to lose whats on your boot drive, boot to your Rescue disk, start computer with CD support, switch to your CD drive, go into Windows, and then format your C: drive. Then start setup. This will give you your best shot at a successful install. After that, add your stuff back one at a time. Adding a new mobo can sometimes go smoothly, but quite often you will run into the problems that you just did.
Skip thanks for the reply. But I did that it was one thing i've tried last night.
I spent 6 hours doing different setup's and nothing worked.
Did you try pulling all cards but the video. Also reseat everything memory, cpu, vid card. and power cable. Somtimes on a new board there can be varnish left on the connections and intermitant probs can be the result.
I sure did. I even returned the mobo and bought a new mobo. Got abit and still nothing instead it goes for like 10 seconds with not signal going to the monitor, then it shuts off. on another system that had a sound thing it beeped 4 times very long too.

So i'm giving up, this isn't working. The guy from the store even told us that it might be that the cpu got cooked and they can't replace it because it 's our fault when it's not. I don't want to overclock my system and don't even know how. Dunno what to do next.
I just want to return everything and get my money back.
Just wanted to report that I finally got my ghz to work :)
My dad took it to the store we bought it at and did a test setup like I suggested before we went the second time. (cuz pretty fair to the store, different county) So they did and fixed the problem.

Thanks for all that tried to help me out :D