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please help fast, I want to order today!

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May 18, 2003
trying to keep all the magic smoke in
more questions, please read and respond quickly.

I am pretty sure I'm buying an Epox 8RDA+ board, I like it a lot, though I'll have to add a RAID card.

As for the processor, I'm totally lost.

I at first wanted a 2400+, thinking I'd be happy with 2Ghz. Then I thought about overclocking, and did research, and it appears the 1700+ can reach higher stable aircooled speeds than the 2400+, and it's cheaper. SO, I thought I'd go with the 1700+, For like $60 shipped.

Now I've done more research and the T-Bred 2600+ has a higher FSB, 333Mhz. I've found it for $120 shipped, non-retail box.

The 2400 is $90 shipped. What should I do? All I want is max bang for the buck. Also, if I go to a 333 FSB, what RAM do I need? What about the 266FSB? What RAM after overclocking? I'm mega confused..

please help fast, I want to order today!


Mar 6, 2003
I choose the 2100+ over the slightly cheaper 1700+. Stats in Sig. To get over 2100mhz on the 1700 your gonna need some good cooling. I'm pretty sure you can get the 2400 over 2000.
I would guess it is almost as OCable as the 2100+. I will admit the 1700+ seemed to be a sweet spot for OCing but the 2100 is still faster in the end. I'm pretty sure the 2400 is still faster than the 2100+ after oc'ing them both. It just may not be proportionate.


Nov 29, 2001
I will admit the 1700+ seemed to be a sweet spot for OCing but the 2100 is still faster in the end.

how can you say this when most these +1700 t-bred b dlt3c's are getting 2.3-2.5?

my vote for a garaunteed awesome o/c is excalibur's 1700+ dlt3c, you pay a premium for the garaunteed stepping but you're lookin @ 2.4 ghz on air! :D



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Feb 2, 2003
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You might want to look into the 8RGA+ if your wanting to run run at or over 200FSB without a volt mod to your 8RDA+... You could still hit 200 with your NEWER revision 8RDA+ but the 8RGA lets you adjust the vdd from 1.6 to 1.8 or 2.0... Good ram is a must if you want to run over 200, I've been LUCKY, repeat LUCKY with OCsystem pc3200 cas2 for around $67 for 512mb, yes its overclocked but it gets me 200 at cas2, 5,2,2 with 2.77V.. I have NOT had luck getting it past even 207 so I'd stay away if you really want to past 200 at cas2... the 8RGA has the built in GEFORCe4MX and the plus + version adds LAN... The pricing is a little more than the 8RDA but it sure is a heck of alot easier to hit and pass 200fsb


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Feb 4, 2003
SF Bay Area
The processor of choice for aircooling is undoubtedly the 1700+. Make sure you get a DLT3C from excaliberpc.com. It'll cost you around $70 and will reach 2.0ghz without breaking a sweat; most can cross 2.4. When you overclock, you will overclock the front side bus anyways, so don't base your purchase on stock fsb. To answer you question, screw 266mhz, screw 333 and aim for 400 and above. I'd recommend anything from Kingston's HyperX series, being either PC3200 or PC3500. As for a motherboard, the 8RDA+ is nice, but the board to beat is the Abit NF7. This board will cross 230 effortlessly, and is priced about the same as the epox. For cooling, get either a thermalright SK-7, SLK800 or SLK900; prices being $20, $35 and $50 respectively. I've tried to cover as much as I can, but you may want to take a peek into the other sections of these forums, they can help answer just about all of your more specific questions.