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Please help, Loss of Signal Error ?

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New Member
Mar 16, 2001
OK Im no pro, so I kinda need things explained to me on a lower lever.
I just put together a system which has.
512 mgs. PC 133 Crucial memory
Athlon 1000, 266bus
Plextor 16X CD burner
Sony 52x CD
Hercules Gamebox Sound CArd
Geforce 2 ULTRA ELSA
40G Quantum HD 7200rpm
300w generic case
I keep getting a screen that says LOss Of Signal Error.
It sometimes happens in the middle of a game or on start up.
I have no clue what to do.
Could it be the Card or the Motherboard or Drivers.
I just low leved the drive and Im ready to start fresh.
Does anybody have any advice?
[email protected]
The message loss of signal means just that.. The monitor does not have a signal going to it.. this could be caused by not connecting the cable correctly, a loose connection in either the cable, monitor or graphics card.. asl make sure the card is fitted securely to the AGP or PCI port and mounted correctly.. or perhaps its something more sinister, only investigation will tell you
could also mean your refresh rate is too high or your resolution is too high.

do you get that message after a windows boot or from the beginning?

Can you get to safe mode and change your settings?