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please help me cool my system, i dont understand what i'm doing wrong here...

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Jan 20, 2001
please help me cool my system, i dont understand what i'm doing wrong here...

i have a7v1333 and got duron 800 at 6x162=973mhz 1.8v
room temps are about 25c, my case temp is 35c! and my cpu temp is 55c!!
i've got taisol cgk742 heatsink+8cm fan,
and i got one fan blowing in the case(front), and 1 fan blowing out (the back)

i dont understand what i'm doing wrong here? could you guys help me?
i want at least 50c
What you really need is more case fans, and possible better airflow. My case is moded to allow two 90mm fans in front and 1 90mm in the back, and it never gets more that a degree or two over ambiant. You should also read some of the articles in the cooling section on the front page, theres lots of great info there.
I agree that you should be able to get case temps within 1C of ambient. What size are your fans? Is this a full tower or mid tower case? Does your PSU have a fan underneath that sucks the heat off the motherboard and out through the exhaust fan?
i've got one 80mm fan blowing into the system in front, + one psu fan blowing out from the back, and another 80mm blowing air out from the back,
i really dont have any more room for fans, i've got total 6 fans in my system!

are you suggesting me to make another holes in the case for extra fans?
will it really help ?

btw-thanx for help
You said you have 6 fans, but you only listed 2 (and the PSU)...what are the others?...

and if you have room, you might considder changing the 80s to 92s...or maybe just the intake...
We call them "blow holes" or you can try removing your case and see if that helps. If so, you need better case cooling. You never mention what type of thermal paste you're using. Hopefully you're not using that crappy worthless heat tape that lots of coolers come with.
Dropping your case temps to 26C should drop your CPU to about 46C. More details please. Does you PSU have a fan in the bottom? Is this a full or mid tower case?

One trick you can use with your current fans is to cut out the restrictive grills. You should increase airflow by about 30% if you have a typical case.
i removed the grills for better air flow, i have midi tower i think, and my psu(300watt) has only one, and very week fan, the psu gets up to 38c, do you guys think i should try to replace the fan of the psu? because it hardly moves much less air then my other 80mm fans
oh and btw-i'm using artic silver, maybe i puted to much of it on the cpu, will it hurt performenc?
fog (Jun 18, 2001 08:31 a.m.):
oh and btw-i'm using artic silver, maybe i puted to much of it on the cpu, will it hurt performenc?

Nah, not possible. The 12 to 24 lbf (pounds-force) your heatsink clip exerts on your athlon will squish the Arctic Silver to a layer thinner than paper.
Replacing your PSU with one that has a fan in the bottom will suck the hot air from your MB and CPU out the back. If you are crafty, you can add a 92 mm fan tothe bottom of your current PSU. If you try this, stay away from the caps, they carry potentially lethal voltage.

You may want to put a larger fan in the front of your case. A 120mm would be my first choice. Then, with more air coming in and going out (dual fan PSU) your temps should drop. If they don't drop enough, you may want to consider a blowhole over your expansion slots. Take it slow, one step at a time so you know where the improvements are comming from.
The word on the street is that ASUS boards sometimes can give you a wrong reading!! You also need to get the air flowing in your case.
Okay... I have an a7v133 and the temps simply HAVE to be off... I started out with a pep66 and played with that for a while and the best I got was 49 with the case on... I moved to a copper water block and bong cooler and I'm still at 43, though my pump is a bit small. If you see no real instability problems, I wouldn't worry too much, but better cooling is always a good thing. The question is, do you want to spend the money on it?
Humor me. Remount your case fans so that the rear one is blowing in and the front one is blowing out. It might take a half hour to do and you might be pleasantly surprised by the results.

no way dude, i'm sure the blow in infront, and blow out in back is much better,
i'm gonna replace my slow psu's fan, its really slow and the psu gets quite hot, about 40c,