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Please help me with choosing a good cpu cooler

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New Member
Dec 20, 2000
I will be building my own computer with a AMD Athlon XP 1900+ 1.6Ghz on either a SOLTEK SL-75DRV4 or SL-75DRV5. Also I will be using a ANTEC SX1030B case. Here is a review of the case along with some great pictures, http://www.maximum3d.com/reviews/sx1030b2.htm

Those 2 case fans sitting right beside the CPU are great, but I have one concern. I was thinking of getting a Volcano 7 cpu cooler. Most of you probably know that it has a sensor that detects the temperature of the CPU and adjusts the speed of the fan accordingly. Actually it has 2 fan speeds. Now with those 2 case fans beside the CPU, my concern is that the sensor on the fan will think the cpu is much cooler than it really is because the sensor dosn't read the temperature of the core but the temperature outside the CPU. I don't plan on overclocking just yet, but I want the option later on. What do you guys think, is the Volcano 7 good for me or not? I don't want anything too crazy expensive, and nothing too loud. Also I heard that the Volcano 7 fits tighly on the DRV4, so if I choose another it can't be bigger than the Volcano 7. The measurments for the Volcano 7 heatsink are 70x68 mm & 78 mm. Is there any othe fan you guys recommend? Now I'm not too familiar with fans, but you guys are, so could someone please help me choose the right fan for my PC? It would have to be from either one of these stores:
http://www.a-power.com/ (under case accessories)
Thanks for all the help, it's very much appreciated.
First I would get these fans for the case, the site does not say what rpm or CFM these Sunons are - but a good brand. I would say to get the 33CFM ones for the case, quieter than the 40CFM's.


Second, the Soltek has plenty of room. I don't like the volcano's, they just aren't that good. I would get the Thermalright AX-7 with a 50CFM 80MM Sunon fan. Quiet and effective for that unit. The AX-7 is $28 in the US. Limiting yourself to the 2 stores in your post sucks, they don't have stuff I would really buy. Another good quiet cooler is the Millenium Glaciator 2, about $30 with a fan. The AX-7 is just about the best aircooling you can get right now and it is inexpensive.