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please, help on some bios settings.

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Apr 26, 2001
i got a new mainboard and there r a few settings in the bios i have no idea about what they will do. ive serached for these ones in the "definitive bios guide" already. im asking for another help link or an answer. the settings r:
- SDRAM Page Closing Policy;
- CPU Latency Timer;
- Command Per Cycle;
- SDRAM Data Driving Mode;
all into the "chip configuration" section. i have a short description of a few in the mobos manual but nothing good enough for me to make a reasonable decision.
im a lot thankful for your help.
hi ridenow. the board is a tusl2-c/intel 815EP.
there was a bios guide i cant find out anymore. it was all writen in red font color, do u know it?
thanks for the link.
these r the descriptions for:
cpu latency timer: this controls the GMCH's response to CPU deferrable cycles;
command per cycle: when onboard vga is used, cpu can help to gain graphics performance by increasing proper sdram cycles combinations.
perhaps you can help me clarifying that. the problem with the "command per cycle" is that my mainboard has no onboard vga. would it be better enabling it anyway?
there is no description for the "sdram data driving mode" but it really seems to be similar to the "MD driving strenght".
The GMCH is the graphics memory controller hub. Most likely this is the onboard adapter that controls the AGP and PCI graphics interfaces. Command per cycle should be similarly for the AGP interface. I'd be very hesitant about changing either setting as it could short the board and/or video card, since the AGP cards run at different voltages for different speeds(if my memory hasn't died from getting up before sunrise consistently). Best bet is to leave them at default unless someone else knows.
xaotic, do u think the "command per cycle" would be necessary even if im not using any onboard vga?
the tusl2-c must "share" the same bios with the tusl2 which has the onboard video. i beleive that if this option would work only with the tusl2 board - and onboard video - the manual of mine would have something about; like on some other settings, it clearly states the board versions they r for. so, in your opinion, would this also control the sdram cycles combinations when using a video card?
It might in both cases, but I'm not familiar enough with the interfaces to know for sure. It's definitely a shared BIOS as it's used on other chassis as well. Generally, when dealing with BIOS options that relate to hardware that's not installed, it best left alone. It could work, but it'll be luck of the draw. Sorry I can't give a better answer. Most of the BIOS that I have to deal with are extremely specialized and not compiled for overclocking possibilities but stability. Unfortunately, I deal more with storage issues on specialized platforms. The BIOS cud developer I know is out on a project for about another month, so no help there.