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please help!! Peltier

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Dec 31, 2000
I am not very technical when it comes to working with this kind of stuff, and I live in the state of ohio where i dont think there is a single computer place that knows how to or will do the necessary work( at least not that i can find)

is there a peltier or water cooling kit that comes COMPLETE with everything needed to do the job myself, and I mean everything, not one of those kits where you still need to employ all sort of riggedmethods just to keep the condensation out!
At best, do any of you know a computer shop in the state of ohio that has, can and will install something for me?
what about a reliable and honest place where I can ship my cpu out to for a couple of days and have it shipped back when the work is done? It would have to be a highly recommended place by you guys if I am going to send out a few grand worth of cpu stuff though! thx for the help, J.
I'm in the same situation. I know nothing about Peltiers or about how to install one. I know this doesnt' help, but this is that part that I hope will I have been emailing Tom Leutkins (SP?) and he has been of much help. He sells complete kits on his website. www.LEUFKENTECHNOLOGIES.com He says that they include everything. Foam, cold pates, all that jazz. Check them out.

Well if your loooking to get into overclocking,Water cooling,and super cooling, You have to do your homework,,your gonna have to do a little maintance with it,,its not as easy as air cooling where you put your case back together,and forget about it,theres TONS of stuff that can go wrong,,ITS PART OF THE CHALLANGE!!!! Its a hobby,and you have to know your hobby! My best advice to people who want to get into this,is do your homework! check this board,and articals for alteast 2 months,and understand what people are doing,,if you have a specific question ask,it will be answered.
You can get compleate kits overclockershideout.com is one of many,,But your gonna pay through the BUTT!!!! About $200+ for about $30 worth of stuff you can obtain from a hardwear store,and autozone.

Theres ALOT of information on this board,alot of GREAT INFORMATION!!!

This is one WONDERFUL place to learn!
is where I got the 86w kit for alpha p3125s.
I only went to this place b/c I wanted the higher wattage model. My kit works perfect. And also the Leukfen ones have been highly recommended.
I suggest that you do a decent amount of research on using peltiers. I looked on websites for about 2 weeks looking at what they do, how they work. Well, good luck.
Mark S.
Also my CPU a p3 slot 1 700e retail/cBO runs at 1085mhz at 1.75v and -9*c and always less than 10*c under full load. So this kit it doing it's job very well.