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Please help this rookie

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New Member
Apr 9, 2001
I just over clocked my athlon 600 to 750(using a TD2)..I only added a case fan for now and I am considering replacing the stock heat sink with a more powerfull one...my problem is I can't seem to find a software that can monitor my temps..all the ones I tried either displayed 0c or no sensors found (cpucool, motherboard monitor, hardware monitor..and others)

again I have an athlon 600@750 and the amd 750 chipset..and I need software that monitors the temps ...
help me please .!!
Try the NEWEST version of Motherboard Monitor, if it is an outdated one, it may not recognize your chip, I think the newest one is something like 5.3 or around there.
any one pppllleeeaaaaase!
I 'am going home in 10 minutes and I'm gonna be playing quake3 ..I don't wanna fry it..

thanks all the replies..
You have to set up MBM to work...they should have instructions in a readme or on the website.
I got the latest version of MBM, and it found only 1 sensor (temp2) and it displaying 53.8c constantly..?! it does not change regardless of the load...!!?