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Please help which i845PE mobo to buy ????

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I think you're not getting a response because the news that Granite Bay Dual DDR boards will ship next month has taken the wind out of the 845PE sails. A lot of the people who said they were waiting for the -PE boards have decided to wait for Dual DDR instead.

I've never used Albarton boards, so I can't comment either way on that one. But with one exception (the Asus P4T533) I'll recommend any Asus, Abit or Gigabyte board with an Intel chipset.

The -PE does seem to offer a slight boost in memory performance compared to the older 845E boards. But read all the reviews you can find, some do have normal first release bugs.

Or pick up an 845E like the Asus Capt. Bill recommended. They're stable, proven, great overclockers, and the prices are falling on most of them, too.

ya if your looking for a pe type chipset checkout the asus p4pe (don't just limit yourself to abit and albatron) from what i'veseenand heard ( i work at a comp tech/reseller type place) the albatrons are pieces of sh**!!! THe pe's have a better memory controller thenthe original 845E's so they support pc3200...unlike the 845E's whixch only supported pc2100.... But ya know if you can wait a month granite bay should really show some impressive memory performance!!!