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Please help with my cooling probs?

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Jul 11, 2001
think this may be more suited for the "cooling" section, but I also feel that the "AMD-crowd" are the ones giving the most feedback in this area, so please excuse me if I'm not in the right place, but...

I have a good pump, nice big hunk of copper for a block, decent fan on the 5x10 RAD, and I also have added 2 PHSF (pelt / heat / sink / fan-combo) to the opposite side of the Rad, sooo..
Big delta is pulling from one side, and the 2-pHSF's pulling the opposite direction.

My room temp is high 82.6 right now
My water temp just out of the block is 81.2
My BIOS reports a Mobo temp of 86, and a cpu temp of 140

I have tried:
putting the rad on top of a block of ice
mounting different fan combos on the rad
2 different cpus both 1.4's
A huge freakin box fan where the side panel should be

Which is where I'm at now.
Any suggestions will be heartily attempted
First, I question putting pelts on the rad. I would think they would do much more harm than good by blocking air flow. They also would not have the surface area of contact on the rad to work well. If you have a reservoir, put them on it where they can have some contact area and can do some good.

Most of the time we talk computer temps we talk in Celsius and I really hope you posted in Fahrenheit. To see where you are we would have to convert.

The most common problem is where you connected the intake and outtake on the block and rad. If possible the intake should be lower than the outtake. This insures that the block or rad fills with fluid for efficient thermal transfer. Otherwise it just runs through without coming into contact with all the tube walls.