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Please, help with overclocking KT7A, 900Mhz

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New Member
Feb 28, 2001
I tried to overclock my KT7A, 900, by changing the FSB frequency since
the chip is still locked (I did not do anything to it yet). The maximum
I was able to get was 113Mhz. I have read here about people
overclocking this board all the way up to 140. I tried almost everything
including running the memory at HCLC. No luck. Does this mean that
there is something wrong with my board, or I just need to unlock
the chip? What does the SFB speed has to do with the locking/unlocking?
Thanks for help.

My system is as follows: KT7A, 900Mhz, 256MB Mosel Vitelick memory
(easily running at 150). SB live, ATA rage furry pro, IBM 42G. W98SE
Have you tried 133 FSB? My 750 likes that. Unlock that multiplier...but wait for a conductive pen to do it. I got mine from www.circuitspecialists.com....it's better than the pencil trick. I found I had to lower my multiplier to 7 (from 7.5) to run it at 133mhz FSB. This chip doesn't wanna do anything over about 960 at any settings.... 1.85v
yo bra, unlock it like the man said (i did pencil, but i have artist pencils, 4bucks a pop, yeash, plus i did my under a microscope at school) and go 4 133 w/the lowest multiplier available in bios and 1.85vcore, then work ur way up. make sure ur hs is up to the task, i have the new vantec, and she's mint. play rogue spear or gp3 and never see 40c. baby steps dude.

good luck

tb800@1000 (7.5x133)
Did I understand you correctly that I can not overclock the FSB above
113 or so unless I unlock the CPU? Is this what you meant?
That's correct. The problem you have is that to really unlock the speed of the chip you are going to want to get a high FSB. For an 800 MHz chip, 6x133 is going to be a good bit faster than an 8x100.

But since you haven't unlocked the multiplier, you are stuck at 9xFSB, which will rapidly get to the upper limit of your CPU. 9x113 is 1017, but your system would probably be faster running at 933 (7x133), almost 100 MHz slower but with a much better FSB.

I have a Duron 800@980, 7x140. As you can see, all of these examples involve lowering the multiplier and upping the FSB. Only way to do that is to unlock the chip. Lots of great articles around on that so I won't attempt any how-to here.

You might use the 'pencil trick' until you can get a conductive pen. Just be careful though and use all safety precautions!! Put the HSF on when you test the chip, make sure you don't cross any of the traces you make, etc . . . Many a dead chip remembers a careless owner.
a box of Ticonderoga's #2 at Office Max did mine just fine....till I did the defogger thang