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Please Help

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Aug 29, 2002
new jersey
here are the specs of my comp amd athlon xp 1800= wd 60 gig hd 512 megs pc2100 ram msi kt-3 ultra
i brought my comp to a computer guy cuz i was having issue with it and when he was installing windows xp he recieved error messages saying that my hardware wsa not compatible with windows xp all of the hardware is brand new except the cd drive and the floppy disk drive what could be wrong ? he said he was installing 98 and upgrading to 2000 to see if that would work but what is the problem any help is welcome


Jul 17, 2001
Denver, Colorado
Take a look at Microsoft's page, they have a list of HAL certified hardware. I suppose it's possible a CD drive could bork the install; although I've never heard of it before. Win2K here installed just fine off of the 2X CD ROM drive from my old 486 machine :D

Also- make sure that 'Virus Detection' is turned OFF in your system's BIOS. This can cause an install to fail, if it's left on.

Do you remember what exactly the error message was?

More importantly- make yourself a DOS bootable diskette, and boot to DOS. Once there, copy the entire WinXP CD to a directory on your hard drive. Turn off the PC, and disconnect the CD and floppy drive, disconnect everything you don't need from the PC. Then boot to DOS again and run the installer off the hard drive.

This is always how I do it anyway, but it might get you around your problem :)