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Please help!!!

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Mar 17, 2001
I was adjusting the memory speed settings from the speed runner on my MX video card. Apparently I took the speed to high and the system crashed. The system was unable to boot in either normal or safe mode. I went into the bios and turned off all my overclocked settings as well as disabling the 4X AGP mode. Now every time I start the computer I get the blue screen of death after the Windows 98 splash screen (sometimes it tells me it's missing some files during startup also, which never happened before). I have no idea what to do about this at this point. Please help!
Have you tried safe mode after turning the stuff off in BIOS. (I know you probably have.) If not manually enter safe mode by hitting the f8 key during boot-up and picking the safe mode option. Then delete your video card from hardware profile and reload drivers after reboot when windows asks for them. Hope,it works.
Yep! Go to the Safe Mode, but don't hurry - to clock down the specifications.
Your blue screens fighten me, may be it is because of memory unsteady or ... memory burn (I hope it is not so).
I have turned on all the default options in my BIOS and am still getting the blue screen of death after the Windows 98 splash screen. At a loss at this point for anything else to try.
If you can, put another video card in there and see if the problem is directly and exclusively related to the card.
OK, I solved the problem in an incredibly round about way. I decided to install a second hard drive (which I needed anyway, the old one was 11.2 GB and ATA 66). After installing the 2nd HD (30 GB, ATA 100) as my bootable drive, I reinstalled windows 98, then immediately installed Windows 2000 as a dual boot system. Everything seems to be working better than ever. Just wanted to let you guys know the problem is solved. Thanks alot!