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Please post full load temps of watercooled no pelt

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Feb 20, 2001
I wonder if a couple users could post their temps with watercooling no pelts.
I'm running o/c Duron on A7V133 (reads high to begin with)
Homemade waterblock, Danner 250GPH, heatercore, 1/2OD lines.
I'm seeing 28MB 43CPU
Room temp 23degree's C
Thats full bore load for the last 3 hours, It doesn't fluctuate at all.

I'm just trying to get a base line to work with

Take care
I'm getting about +12C (extremely unaccurate) w/ DD Cube, Maze 2 and EHEIM pump (can't for the life of me remember the model).

Your case to cpu temp seems decent enough for a homemade block...you probably wanna work on getting your room to case temp down, though.
Of course I'm running in intel chip so my temps are going to be quit a bit lower, But here they are.

Motherboard temp - 26c
cpu temp (idle) - 29c
cpu temp (@ load) - 32.5c

these are what I'm running at the moment, it does fluctuate a bit depending on the ambient temp. I had lower cpu idle temps about a week or so ago. I think I need to reply the heatsink compound.

I'm using a Rio 200gph inline pump, 12" x 5" x 3\4" rad, & a slot 1 PIII aluminum water block from tom leufkens. All in a closed loop system, no reservoir.

Sort of a cheap setup but works ok for now. May need better block when I go to my T-Bird with in the next few weeks. I will try and make this block work for a while though!
That's not too good for watercooling RJ. I have my 1Ghz Athlon at 1440 with a CAK38. Idle - 38C full load - 45C
Idle: 30C
Full Load: 40C
Room: 25C
Ambient: 29.5C (ambient measured inside case 1" from processor)

I have a custom built cooling system using a BECOOLING waterblock and radiator.
The Asus line of boards have always read high on the temps. I really wondor how far off they really are.
I guess I should make a thermister my next project.
Any idea's.
Funny, RJ and myself are seeing almost identical temps in both idle/load state.
RJ (Jun 13, 2001 10:17 p.m.):
Fixed my problem now 31*c idle 34*load clocked at 1500mhz home made water cooler

what was the prob, cauz iim at 42 now watercooled.!
Depends on ambient. Right now ambient is 28.5C, idle temp 38C, full load 42C using overclock/watercool universal copper waterblock. 1.33@1496 Mobo temp 29.1C
Yeah, RJ, what was the problem?? Was it the innaccurate temp readings of the a7v line of boards? If it is off by 10 or so degree's C, then I'm doing fine.

Take care
Asus probe, I put a probe from my digitaldoc5 under the waterblock up against the chip 10* difference
I'm getting about 40C idle, and Under Prime95 torture test i peak at 47C. This with a DD Maze2 Block, DD Cooling Cube and some generic Cap-800 pump (moves a lot of water, but loud.... I'm getting an Eheim this week).

My temps are high, yes, but this is due to me currently running at 1600mhz at 1.99 volts. I can run just about anything at 1.88v, but Prime95 fails instantly or after 1-3 cycles. I ordered a 172 watt Pelt and a bench powersupply today, so hopefully i'll break into 1.7ghz.