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Please post your Glaciator temps

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Apr 13, 2001
I've got a Glaciator installed on a 1.2 Tbird running at 1425 @ 1.95v. In my Antec SX830 I have 3 x 80mm lower CFM intake fans in the front and 2 medium CFM exhaust fans in the rear + the power supply fan. If I had to guess I'd say I'm probably moving about 60-80 CFM through the case. Air flow is very unrestricted and seems balanced but I might have a little negative pressure. I tried about 14 different fan combinations and this one resulted in the lowest case and CPU temps for me. However, I still feel like my CPU temps are too high. A 23C difference between the case temp and CPU load temp seems a lot for a high end cooler like the Glaciator.

My temps:
27C - System (ambient case temp I assume?)
43C - CPU idle (no cooling tweak)
50C - CPU load (CPU Stability Test program running for 15+ mins)

The Glaciator itself seems to stay VERY warm when the CPU is loaded. I'm wondering if my CPU temps would drop if I could find a way to cool the heatsink better. I tried taking the side case cover off and blowing a higher CFM 80 mm fan on the Glaciator from different directions & angles but the loaded CPU temp didn't change at all. Short of a blow hole (which I'd rather not do) does anyone have any suggestions to lower my temps further?

Also, please post your Glaciator temps. Maybe my temps are normal and I'm just worrying too much about it.