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Please post your Hercules Geforce II MX Overclocking results!

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Celemine...I have the same card in my AMD Box right now. I usually run the card at 190GPU and 205 Memory. Your real goal is to up the Memory as far as it will go without causing artifacts or freezups.

As a rule of thumb...you should try to keep the GPU clock at least 8-10MHz below the memory. The GPU's on most GeForce 2 Cards are awesome...but the 32meg SDR (single data rate) memory on most cards creates a performance bottleneck. The max I've seen for memory on these cards (which have better 5.5ns memory) is 210-220MHz stable. I can get up to 209 on the memory without problems but I keep it lower to try to conserve the chips.

I run a small fan attached to the GPU for extra cooling and I suggest you add one if you want to OC the GPU. I experimented with cooling the memory but I currently just have a "greenie" from a mobo chipset covering a portion of all 4 chips. Good luck...and take your time. Keep us posted on your results
Hercules 3D Prophet II MX (not MX 200 or MX 400, but the good 'ol MX)

NVidia Leaked drivers 12.60
Latest hercules BIOS flash (can't remember offhand)
Hardware Quadro mod

210MHz GPU, 210MHz RAM
No fan on heatsink directly (but I have significant case airflow in that area)

Oh yeah, consider popping out the heatsink and redoing the thermal paste. On mine, the paste didn't quite cover the whole chip.

Good luck, this is a great card.
On a few games I can run as high as 205 core and 203 memory, but for 3Dmark and most other 3D games, 200/200 is about my max. I am very picky about quality though and won't tolerate any artifacts or stay pixels popping up. You have to put a fan on that core to help cool that puppy down. Removing the sink, lapping and using thermal paste really helps. I got even better results with a Blue Orb. I also installed RAM sinks, but they really didn't help much, but it does sure looks cool.

Thanks for the response!

I'll attach active cooling to GPU and RAM! One big thin fin 50x50x20mm cooler + 52x52x20mm fan for the GPU and the stock heatsink and a 50mm fan for the RAM. Both with the use of Arctic Silver Adesive. I hope this will work.

Thanks again.