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PLEASE READ...... I have a question about Video Display !!!!!

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Mar 12, 2001
Hi. Did some of you noticed that when playing QUAKE 3, when you look at the TELOPORT and you move your mouse VERY fast from RIGHT to LEFT, and look at teleport at the same time, you can notice that the screen BREAKs, I mean lines appear accross the screen in many places that CUT the image for a SPLIT second ........ I usually play at high res 1600x1200 75 refresh rate , and i noticed that. Even If I lower resolution to 800x600 at 144 refresh rate this still happens.

IS THIS NORMAL ????????????????????????/

By the way, when I play Q3, I SET ALL options to the MAX , you name it its MAX. ALso I have IBM P92 19" monitor, and G2ultra .

ANYONE HAS A CLUE??????????????/
What do you mean ??? If you can't answer my question don't REPLY you moron !!!!!!! You probably don't even know what I'm talking about so shut the hell up BIOTCH !!!!!!
Easy, fellas, easy. Moving that fast in front of a dynamic item like the teleporter is probably throwing a lot of FPS at the card, and you're getting tearing. You've adjusted your resolution and refresh rate, but if you don't have V-sync disabled, you may have a refresh rate limitation that you're not aware of. See if that's the problem.

And granted, that was a bit of a smart-aleck and unhelpful answer, but you need to watch your temper. Just ignore it, and someone will be along to help you shortly.
No problem.
Just remember, you can't control what people say, but you can control how you react to it.
We pride ourselves on having a civil forum, here; in fact, we require it. No need to go off on someone just because they say something silly. Personal attacks are grounds for getting kicked out of here.

But enough admonishment. Will you let me know if the V-sync thing worked? Because that's the only thing I could think of. If not, we'll have to think harder and cast the net a bit wider.
Thats what it sounds like to me as well. I use to keep V-sink enabled all the time. But Having a V5 I need all the FPS I can get. So I realized it is much better by disabling it. I rarely ever get any artifacts and tearing so I'm happy.
A true "techie" can give you a more detailed answer, but basically it limits your FPS to the monitor's maximum refresh rate. It syncronizes your display to eliminate the tearing that can occur when the FPS of the game exceeds the refresh rate of the monitor. With it enabled, the game puts out a frame, the monitor displays the frame...tick, tick, tick...

Which is great until you get a new hot-shot video card which will do 90 FPS at 1280x1024, and your monitor will only refresh at 75 at that resolution. So you disable V-sync and put up with a little tearing in the relatively extreme situations like you described above. No big deal.
..jubei.. (Apr 12, 2001 08:12 a.m.):
What do you mean ??? If you can't answer my question don't REPLY you moron !!!!!!! You probably don't even know what I'm talking about so shut the hell up BIOTCH !!!!!!

Have some respect and don't talk like that here