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Please submit suggestions for a new motherboard purchase

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New Member
Nov 24, 2016
I hope to make this purchase soon.

This is a general use, gaming, overclocking for fun rig.
I want to run M.2 drives in raid 0, but my understanding is I can run one M.2 drive in a M.2 port on the mobo and another from a PCIE card without any difference in performance. I have seen a few MSI boards with dual M.2 slots between the PCIE slots. Gigabyte had one with 3 M.2 slots but I think 2 is all I will need.

I do not have any 5.25" bays in my PC case. It is a full tower case so EATX will fit.
I prefer ATX or EATX since it is such a large case. ATX seems to fit a little better.

I already have RAM - G.Skill 16GB (2 x 8GB) Model F4-4000C19D-16GTZ
My PSU is an EVGA G2 1000 Watt Gold
Video card is a Sapphire Radeon 480 (AMD cards work much better for cryptocurrency mining and I run several bitcoin Asics and want to play with other stuff so sticking with AMD for now.) I probably will not run crossfire unless it is for kicks and fun, but I do want the ability to run multiple video cards, at least two.

I am returning an Asus extreme assembly because of a bad solder joint on the CPU_FAN header. Since I will probably never use the 5.25" Sound FX drive bay add-on I decided I would go with a different board. I am happy with the Asus board other than a software issue keeping the PC from shutting down completely, ie windows shuts down but the PC fans, LEDS, etc all stay running. I am confident this deals with the add-on software which came with the mobo. I probably will not load any of that again.

I sincerely appreciate your input.