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Pleasehelp - computer rebooting - desperate

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Feb 4, 2002
I need help desperately. My computer started flaking out this morning. It would lock up all the time and I figured something broke. I put the hard drive in my wife's computer, started copying files no problem and all of the sudden that computer locked up and now it reboots itself before entering windows - even in safe mode. Does anyone know what could be happening!?! Please please help me.



Jun 5, 2005
Did you run virus/adware scan? Could there be a virus on the harddrive giving your problems?


Jun 18, 2005
The Cockpit
Gonna have to use the Windows CD and see if you can get the thing to do a chkdsk. If that fails, you will probably have to do a repair install of the OS. If you can't get to safmode, you cannot use any tools.

I would be very suspicious of a virus! This time of year is a great time to get one. I mnaually check for updates every single day. Don't rely on automatic updates, they will leave you computer wide open one day when a virus comes out, because it doesn't update just because and update is available, it updates on a schedule, and viruses don't get out into the wild on a set schedule.

This does not mean you absolutely have a virus, but to beware of one, and be cautious for them all the time...especially in the fall through spring timeframe.


Apr 30, 2003
The EXACT same thing happened on my Laptop at work. It turned out the hard drive just went bad not due to any virus. (I dont go on the net with it) It just went bad after one year?

I lost all my maps and stuff...that sucked.
Good Luck


Dec 29, 2004
when computer boots up during bios loading phase press f10 multiple times (I think its f10? or is it f11, or somthing else? I can't remember...
Anyhow its the system restore feature. I've had to use it before---sucks though becuase I had hella games installed, hella **** saved e.t.c. and the system restore deleted it all---but at least I didn't have to completly wipe the damn hardrive and reinstall windows.

I learned now to make system restore points quite frequntly-just incase somthing like this happens to me agian.

The reason it happened to me (well this was many many years ago) was I was being stupid one day and switched the power off the computer through the surge supresser/power strip-the sudden interuption of power to the computer must have confused it or somthing, and the computer would basically give me a blue screen of death.

Good luck!!