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plextor 40x12x40 question

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Nov 15, 2001
Anyone have one of these? I'm getting a new cdrw in the next week or so. I was thinking of getting this one. Plextors are known to be one of the best burners. I wanted to check on here and see if someone had one and could post some feedback. thanks

Jeff Bolton

Sep 15, 2001
Middle Peninsula Virginia
just know that it doesn't burn at 40x the whole time. it starts off at 24x (i think) and slowly works its way up to 40x at peak burning, then slows back down. you won't get much better performance than you would with a 24x plextor (IMO) but the 40x sure would be a nice thing to put in the siggy. plus, it couldn't hurt, ya know? so if you have the money, why not get one?

i speak from experience: my plextor 16x is one of the best burners i've ever used. much better than some noname 8x (which was my first burner, the plextor is my second) and more consistent than my friend's 16x in his dell. plextor roxors!



Jan 30, 2002
I don't have one, but i know its very good.
It burns music using a new technology for better quality music (widens the pits), it supports writing cd's up to 89 minutes.

If you want to back-up games (that have the new safedisk) you won't be able to make perfect copies though, that's the advantage of the Lite-on 40x. The Lite-on is cheaper but the quality of the burned cd's with it are not as good.

48x CAV cd-writers are coming out too next month, they will burn at 48x from start to finish unlike the 40x which start at 24x and only reach 40x near the end of the burning process.


New Member
Mar 18, 2002
bay area
why not try Liteon? i got a 40x a show in pomona last week for $106 straight up... it burns flawlessly except for one thing, its picky with media. you need at least 24x-32x disc to burn at max speed.