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Pls i need help w/water cooling

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Apr 7, 2001
PS i will not bug this forum any more about this... hopefully

Ok i didn't get the responded input i wanted form my last post some one wrote the $8 for the Artic Silver II would be better spent on the next step. The heatsink. Does that make sense to any of you and im not sure i can do pelts cause I AM YOUNG 15 to be exact. and i have about $196 the rest will be loaned from parents

I need to know a good raditor and what better temps i would get if i had a pelt. I have a 1.2/200 chip so it KEEP IN MIND NI HAVE 200 to spend.

Pls help me out i hate making the desparte forum attemps
In order to run a pelt on an AMD you are going to be way better off using water, so that is where you should first invest your time and cash. I believe that adding a peltier is not really worth the trouble where AMD chips are concerned. I'm sure there are those that will disagree, but how much time and cash do you want to spend getting an extra 50mhz out of a chip running above 1G in the first place ? Don't forget you've got to insulate a peltier set-up against condensation - ya don't want to have to buy a new cpu in a few months time.

Your radiator can be a salvaged heater core from an old auto, you don't need to buy a specialty radiator. Probably cost you $5 to $10 at a salvage yard if you pull it yourself. Your waterblock should be where you spend your cash, I hear the Danger Den Maze 2 is good, check here http://www.dangerden.com/product_pages/water_block.htm .

The pump is the final major piece. Buy a good aquarium pump rather than a fountain or pond pump. Check this link for pumps http://www.petwarehouse.com/ I bought an Eheim from them, good price and fast service.

With a bit of luck you'll have some cash left to play with.
for what you are doing, buy a aqua stealth2 kit and you can piece by piece upgrade at a later time , this will get you up and going for about $125.00 total