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plz give me your opnions on water cooling systems

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Henry Rollins II

Apr 21, 2001
The North Pole
As I am investigating the possibilities for water cooling, I come to realize that there are a lot more options than I could possibly imagine. Water cooling seems to be the real cheesecake, both in terms of cooling capabilities and future upgrades(just to change the cooler block, right?).

Unfortunatley there are not many options too choose from in my neighbourhood. Actually I think there is only one company in the entire country that sells any water cooling stuff. They offer Senfu and Leufken stuff and a special Senfu water cooling that consists of: Senfu cooling block, Senfu dual fan radiator, Eheim 1046 pump and all other stuff needed(hoses, paste etc) for 1300 SEK(about $120).

Another option would be to import a Koolance case from Denmark(cost me about $300). Importing from the US is also an alternative, but customs, VAT and shipping at least doubles the price.

Is there a big difference between the different brands? ALL opinions are welcome!!

I'm glad I changed to watercooling. Very effective. In which country are you living?
I bought a watercooler set in Holland and changed the 12 V pump (looked a bit weak) for a 220 V one used for ponds in an ordinary pet store.
The only component I bought in the US was the radiator. I know some addresses in Europe which do offer radiators as well (F.g. www.oc-shop.nl).
I just started water cooling myself, my post is below some titled "My review on my new DangerDen water kooling kit<Biggest>". It tells some of my temp performance on it. Another thing, is that I will be getting 2 YS Tech 120mm fans that I will mount to the DD cube for better cooling. All I got on it now is the Delta 38CFM fan off my GloblWin FOP38 for cooling the water and it still keeps me at those temps. Water cooling is the way to go because no matter what the max temp you can run at on an athlon, they all seem to lose a considerable amount of performance in the 45-55C temps and higher. If you want the best performance you can get then go with a watercooling system and never have to worry about that aspect of your system again. Like getting a cable modem after dial-up, once you get it you NEVER go back.