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plz help. annoying disconnects every ~10 minutes

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Dapper Dan

May 27, 2007
Valley Center, CA
Hey guys, this problem has been going on for a while and I'm not sure what to make of it. I took a networking class for a semester so I'm somewhat competent, however I still can't find an answer. Basically my current setup is

Zoom X5 Modem (cheap one i found at fry's) > D-Link DIR-655 ( connected via wireless N) > 3-6 different computers at any given time

all of the computers get from 78-100% signal and 104-130 Rate, I'm on the 6mb/s package from AT&T. I've had this problem before on one of their router/modem combo's and that's why I switched to a higher end router with a decent modem. We had the AT&T tech come out before to test and see how reliable our line was and if i remember correctly it was at like 93 or 86%, which is apparently 1-2% away from where they like to have it, so they wanted to move us down to 3mb/s. Long story short we did that for about a month and same thing happened + our net was slower, so we kicked it back up to 6mb/s. I've tried every setting i could think of thinking that maybe i messed up when i was setting up my router or modem, but nothing changes. During the daytime its not so bad, maybe once every 1-2 hours i get disconnected for a minute or two, However at nighttime almost always exactly at 9:35 it shuts out and that's when the problems occur, the modem loses connection ( blinking ADSL light ) and takes a few minutes to regain the signal. Sometimes it's faster for me to just do a power cycle on everything , and that usually works but it shouldn't be necessary every few minutes. PLEASE HELP ME!!! :cry::cry::cry::cry::cry:


Red Raccoon Dojo
Mar 1, 2002
At exactly 9:35PM? Sounds like someone nearby is stuck in a very rigid routine, or a computer somewhere (either in your apartment or at AT&T) is saturating the line.

Have you tried swapping out the modem? "Cheap" = how cheap? 20 bucks? Trash it and get a real modem.

What happens when only one computer is on? How about when no computers are on?

I think this is AT&T's problem, but you can still try swapping out the modem and see what happens.