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Plz Help with water cooling setup.... Buncha questions

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Jun 20, 2001
Ok I am considering getting water cooling in my new computer...
I am planning on using the Danger den Maze 2 block
BE Cooling Aquacoil,
and EHeim 1250 pump or Danner Supreme Magdrive model 5... with 1/2 tubing

Is this an OK setup?
What is a good radiator? Does the aquacoil perform OK?

Which pump has the least magnetic field and noise, danner or eheim?

If I were to leave the pump continously plugged in, would noise be an issue when I sleep?

Where can I get one of those power strips w/ surge that when you turn the main comp on, it automatically senses it and powers on all the other components connected too (monitor sepaker pump)

What is a good case I can get to watercool?
I am thinking about the Antec SX1030 at http://www.antec-inc.com/product/cases/sohoser.htm

or the Addtronics 6896a at http://www.addtronics.com/6896a.htm

I am not willing to mod (cut holes in) my case, I have no acess to and experience with power tools.

Will these cases easily accomadate the water cooling setup I mention above (with the bigger Eheim pump and radiator at the bottom of the case, and possibly leaving front fans intact)..

Ok I have an interesting question. The addtronics case has a 120 mm fan housing/hole(?) at the front, is there any way I could easily use that housing and connect it to my 120 fan mm + radiator so it blow air out through the front filter?

Also, is negative case pressure bad? (for example if I had to take out the 2 front intake fans in the antec and just have 3 exhaust fans (1 from the psu)?

Also any other good cases to use with the water cooling setup above and good case fan cooling too, and not TOO humongous and prefreably 4 large 5.25 drive bays

What's another easy effective way to prime the water pump without sucking with your mouth?

Ok lastly this may seems stupid but is it OK to touch REd line water wetter with your hands? (who knows)

K thanx
Sorry, previous post timed-out.

First, Welcome to the Forum.

The main page of this website has a complete section on water cooling, and includes reviews on some of the items that you have questions on. I recommend them highly.

The pumps, block and radiator should be fine, and you might want to have a look at the cooling cube too.

Try Best Buy or CompUSA for the power center.

Noise shouldn't be an issue with the pumps, although your fans might be bothersome. My dual 120s on intake make a nice racket.

As far as the cases go, I would recommend that you test-fit the radiator in each before you buy. I have a SuperMicro SC750A full tower case because it had enough space in the lower front to mount my radiator (a 12 1/2" tall Hayes transmission cooler). My airflow pattern is: in bottom front, out top rear. I have positive case pressure to keep the dust out, and I still have to blow the radiator clean twice a month.

The pumps should prime themselves.

Water Wetter is OK to touch, although your hands will smell like anti-freeze and detergent afterwards.

Regarding cases: Try to get a GOOD power supply. If you like a case, but the PSU is iffy, get an Enermax 350w or 430w. It should suffice for anything that you put into the case. I have a Sparkle 300w, and although it is a good PSU. I need more power with the number of fans and drives I have.

Im currently useing the antec case with a water cooling setup. im useing the danner mag7 with a heater core radiator and it all fits just fine. One thing you need to ask your self is do I want it all in my case. I bought the antec before I knew about water cooling and I had to remove a hard drive bay to fit the radiator. Another thing is that there is no reason to buy a 50plus dollar radiator when a heater core works better and they only cost 2 bucks at the u-pull. So just take case mesurments read a lot about water cooling and ask questionsand it will all come together