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Dec 15, 2001
here's your diagram...let me know when you view it, so I can have the mods delete this thread...
well, if this thread stays up, then let me clarify...on the 1.825v mod above, the connection between vid1 and vid3 should prolly be made around the back of the chip, and insulated with something to keep from shorting on the heatsink...I believe this is how Richardito did it, and was successful...
ARAHRHAGG. It didnt work, as I posted in another thread. Ill try it again later. I used speaker wire, is there something better, maybe its not conductivte enough. Any thoughts?
Are you using a single strand of wire or bunches? Make sure its single stranded. The smallest things can be overlooked.
Yep single strand. And BTW my computer started making beep codes while running during the night. I got up and looked at it and everything was fine the temps were 36 load. I dont get it. To be safe I turned it off. When I fired it back up today it did it too. But only once and has happened sense. Has anynoe ever heard of that?
yo man, i got the same problem when first do the vidpin mod. gues what solve the problem? use a different kind of wire, one that is slightly "thicker." good luck.
btw, i think i did flash the bios too.....anyway, my board is kind of weird in term of vidpin mod.:rolleyes: it took me 13 days (13 days after the initial mod) to make it to work..that'z right, i just let the wire sit there, and have my mobo beep for some occasion..then dunno why, but it worked on day 13th...after it made a really loud sound and restarted itself..
other than the orientation of your chip, I don't know what to say...this is how I do it...
OMFG WOW I thought that the first picture you sent me was of the socket, not the cpu, I wired it up backwards. I must have gotten lucky. This CPU must have 9 lives, but it works now. I hope I can get 1.8 out of this chip.