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PNY 4200 64mb

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Aug 16, 2001
West TN.
How well do these clock with stock cooling ?

What is a reasonable amount to take it to? First time with a video card, how do you check the temps ?

Cisco Kid

Senior Member
Jan 13, 2001
it will overclock prolly easy 10-15% with stock cooling. The overclock even with good cooling is all dependent on the lucj of the draw. You may have got a good card you may have got an OK card you may have got a lemon that technically runs the way it should but just does not overclock really well.

Save your money and see how it overclocks stock before you spend uneeded cash.

Do a search there are many articles on this

cisco kid


Oct 2, 2001
Herts, SE, England
I had one of these but wasn't a fan, took it back and changed it for an MSI 128mb one (only £10 more)

it has a nice fan and ramsinks my best o/c without artefacts was



my new card gets me 280/560 and I haven't even tried more!!!

stock 3dmark score here

nice card and you get a lifetime warranty aswell