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PNY GeForce3 Ti 200

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Mar 6, 2002
Hi everyone, I am new to this forum. I just purchased a PNY GeForce3 Ti 200 vid card. I use 3D CAD software such as Pro/ENGINEER and Solidworks. Does anyone have any suggestions for the openGL settings with the GeForce Tweak Utility? Thanks, for any help or advice. :)
check out www.members.aol.com/axcel216/ there are bugs and you should set it up rite depending on your OS, your software wont make a difference i think the det 23.11 drivers are sweet but the higher ones are geared for the gf4 family and some have reported some refracting probs when using the gf3's
for one, get Riva Tuner, you can change alot more stuff to make your card run to its fullest, and its good with overclocking.

but make sure, well, if you dont care if the image quality is down a little, make sure that v-sync, and anti-aliasing are set to always off.

once you get rivatuner, come back and tell us what the settings are at, or....ill look around for one of my old posts about this exact things.....ill post back in a minute

oh yea, welcome to the forums
I will get Rivatuner and try some new things and see what I can change. My system right now is a PIII 1 ghz, 512 MB pc133 SDRAM, on a Dell 4100 Dimension stock mb. I am running XP pro for the os.
its a tweaking program for nvidia cards, lets you change pretty much every setting possible, and you can overclock with it...very stable, very easy to use
I installed Riva Tuner! COOL STUFF!! I didn't oc the GF3 Ti 200...yet. I don't know if I will. Anyway, my next question is if it is possible to add another 64MB of ram to this card? I know it has 64 already, however we always want more power right??? Is this possible?
NO... adding more ram to the board is near impossible to a normal user. I'm not saying it's totally impossible. But you would have to find ram that meets the same specs... or possibly same chips exactly (not gonna happen) and be able to solder with MAD skills. It's not like a system memory upgrade in any way. There was a thread a while back that discussed just the possibility of changing the current chips on a GF2 with faster ones (eg. replacing 5ns with 4ns)... that in itself was more trouble than it could ever be worth. I know the GPU can handle more because Gainward makes a 128MB version... but the bios is different so it can utilize that extra memory... even identify it being there. Then your gonna have the trouble of pathways... unless you just change the chips on there to the next size up... but that would STILL be difficult. So to sum up... Yes and no... yes it's possible... no its not worth it.