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PNY GF4 4200, anyone got any views?

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Oct 2, 2001
Herts, SE, England
just bought one of these locally (paid a little to much but not bothered)

heres the manufacturers specs -

GeForce4 Ti 4200 Graphics Card:
Graphic Engine: 256-bit (nfinite FX II Engine)
RAMDAC: 2 @ 350MHz
Core Clock Speed: 550MHz
Memory Capacity: 64MB DDR
Memory Chip Speed: 3.8ns memory chips
Memory Interface: 128-bit
Memory Bandwidth: 8.0GB/sec.
Fill Rate (Pixels/sec.) 4.0 billion
Triangles/Sec: 113 million
Operations/Sec: 1.03 trillion
Max. 3D Resolution: 2048x1536 @ 32Bit Color @ 60Hz
Universal nVidia Driver: Yes
Driver Cert. (WHQL): Yes
Operating Voltage: 1.5 Volts
Warranty: Lifetime Replacement
Warning: Overclocking can be determined and will void your warranty

this has a nice (not sure about performance) HSF and ramsinks, just wondered what sort of oc I should be looking at minimum.

currently running at stock but was stable at 270/540

3dmark score at default with 41.03 is 8800 (will add link when I can access madonion)

any views please

would love to hit 10k and only thing letting me down I think is p4 willie!!!!3dmark2001 se
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I have the same card with 4NS Hynix memory. It does 300/600 at stock voltage. I added ram sinks and an old Celeron HSF. With a 1.7GHz athlon(8.5x200) with synchronous 400MHz FSB and PC3200 CAS2 RAM, I get 12,017 3DMarks. Good card in my opinion!
hmmm, mine wont go anywhere near that, 270/560 is the max

I run at default anyway except for benching. I am a bit displeased with its performance in CS, the smoke grenades look blocky as hell and I get some other wierd happenings, tried 4 sets of drivers so far. UT2k3 runs sweet though :)

I will keep trying :(