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Polaris unstable @Desktop/stable @3D?

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New Member
Dec 15, 2016
Hi there,
I've got a Sapphire RX470 Nitro+ 8GB undervolted to 1025mV on the last 3 states. Clocks are stock.
It works fine, passes OCCT, FireStrike, Heaven, Valley and Battlefield 1 for hours without anything, even with voltages @1015mV.
But if I start the computer just for surfing, office etc I get graphic failures.
As soon as I give some load on the card everything works well again untill next restart, even if I'm doing some desktop stuff.

Does anyone have a clue whats the problem and how I could prevent it except leaving voltages @stock?

I am wondering why i dont get failures while gaming if the voltage is to low?:sly:
Because the voltage isn't too low for gaming... you set it manually. When it idles, it lowers the clocks and voltages. Consider raising the base voltages up a bit too.
I raised State1-State4 by 10mV. Still failures but not that much. I'll raise a little more.
But why do I have to rise State1-State4 when it runs on stock perfectly if I dont undervolt State 5-7?
Did it run fine before you modified the different states?
It's been my experience that down clocking normally affects core speed not memory so my guess would be the Vram is to blame, try backing it off a tick or two
I tried now every state and VRAM voltage @ 1025mV at the same time.
Still same failures on desktop:screwy:

If I let every voltage @stock i dont get any failures.
I think it is a problem mit the refresh rate. I got those problems only @144Hz. :-/