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polishing the contact area of a gorb

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phantom punisher

Jan 4, 2001
fort drum NY
if i was to polish the bottom of my gorb and remove the ionization and machining swerls till it was mirror smooth how much would or wouldnt i get out of it. ive heard the gold ionized finish helps heat transfer and i also heard that polishing the bottoms of heatsinks helps. so it a catch 22. anyone out there done this? any informed guesses are welcome
I am not familiar with the Ord, but if the finish on the bottom is irriditing and not a copper insert, then lapping (polishing) would probably benefit the thermal transfer from the core. It would be no more than an educated guess to predict what lapping would yield, because there are too many other variable in the equation, starting with workmanship and going down in importance from there. To my knowledge, neither irridite, nor anodizing improve thermal conduction between two surfaces as they add a secondary thermal barrier. It's hard to improve upon a nicely lapped, bare metal surface with some thermal compound on it. So, my advice would be to go for it. There are plenty of "How To Lap" pages around the Web. It certainly won't hurt to try it.

Yes u can polish it i did mine and the temp droped 3 deg.

celeron 566@977 Hey it may not be a p/// but for 60 bucks LOL
I lapped my Gorb as well, and unfortunately for purposes of comparison, made other improvements at that time as well, such as applying Arctic Silver and lapping the processor a bit. Overall, though, it helped quite a bit.

To my knowledge, the anodizing has no heat transfer value whatsoever. And if your Gorb is like mine was, it has the circular machining striations on the bottom. I didn't try to turn mine into a mirror, but I got it down to smooth, shiny bare metal. And like the other fellow said, that can't be a bad thing. Go for it.