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Polk Audio PSW10 opinions (or alternative)

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Dec 13, 2005
Right now I'm looking for a couple of cheap subs to add to a couple stereos. One is kind of cheap, a set of JBL Loft 40s hooked up to a small Pyle PTA2 amp and the other is (mostly) on loan from my parents, a set of Martin Logan towers, a ML center speaker, a Yamaha RXV871, and some Infinity Primus P163s as rears.

So I've been considering subs for both, primarily the JBL/Pyle combo since the JBLs don't get too low. But I want to keep it lower in price ($150 or so per sub). Also, since I'm om an upper floor in an apartment complex I want to be at least a little curtious. I kind of want to keep it to front firing, lower power subs (no need for foundation rattling bass, just something to help both system at the low end). Both rooms are kind of small anyway.

Right now I see the Polk Audio PSW10s are on sale for $128 on Amazon (plus prime shipping). I wanted to know if the overwhelming positive reviews are justified, or if there are better subs out there that fall in that price range.

Edit: should probably add. The 5.0 (soon to be 5.1) system is primarily for TV/movies, the stereo is more for music, but some TV as well.

Edit 2, Electric Bugaloo: Not that anyone would even look at a 5 month old thread with no other comments, but I did end up grabing a PSW10 for the main room. Also Monoprice was having a sale and their subs had free shipping, and while their stuff is cheap chinese junk, it's good cheap chinese junk so I grabbed one of their 8"ers for the bedroom. Not expecting much, but the total cost of that system is ~$85 so far, a $60 sub can't hurt.
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